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Why choose hypnotherapy

Does hypnotherapy work ?

I can think of thousand reasons why you should choose Hypnotherapy, but the best reason is usually the answer to the question I get asked the most: Does Hypnotherapy work?

My answer is always the same. Yes.

Not only is hypnotherapy a time proven practice, it’s also one of the most widely applicable. Here is a list of some of the issues I most regularly help people with:

Here is a list of some of the things that I work with all the time:

Bad habits of all kinds
Bed wetting
Boosting self- confidence
Drug abuse
Eliminating fears and hang-ups
Emotional problems
Grief & Loss
Improving mood
Increasing motivation
Increasing work and study
Lack of Enthusiasm
Pain Control
Panic attacks/Panic disorders
Post-trauma anxiety
Nail biting
Relationship problems
Resistance to Change
Sexual problems
School problems
Skin problems and rashes caused by nervous conditions
Sleeping problems
Social anxiety disorder
Weight loss

Hypnotherapy is recognised by the British Medical Association and the National Institute of Clinical Excellence as an effective therapeutic approach to all of the issues listed above. In fact there are over 200 known uses for Hypnotherapy.

How does hypnotherapy work?

One of the greatest things about Hypnotherapy is that while the sessions are gentle, the effects are powerful and often life changing. There are many misconceptions about what Hypnotherapy actually is, but in essence it works by making use of hypnosis in order to make the mind intensely focus and incredibly receptive.

Verbal suggestions and imagery are used to help you let go of whatever issue you brought to the session and focus on whatever changes you want to see. You will experience a pleasant feeling of deep, true relaxation during the sessions helping you to centre your mind on what you’d like to achieve by removing the distractions that in day-to-day life prevent us from achieving true relaxation. There is nothing more important to the mind and body, than being able to truly, relax. I aim to create a space for you in which together we can remove the obstacles preventing you from living the life that you desire.

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